Tuesday, April 13, 2010

DAILY OBSESSION: Sethi Couture Pendant

Keeping in today's theme of SETHI COUTURE and our love for the designer, Pratima - I figured I would show you one of her most exquisite pieces. To be honest, we are obsessing over every piece in her entire collection - the colored diamonds are magnificent and her design aesthetic is simply perfect.

Since I have to select only one piece for my "Daily Obsession," I am sharing this stunning pendant with you. Available by special order at Fragments (price upon request: 212.334.9588,) - this is a spectacular statement piece. A piece to be worn on it's own - with a neckline that will show it off in a most deserving way.

Please share your thoughts with me. As you can see, I am in love with it.



  1. Gorgeous! What color are the diamonds in this piece? I know
    SETHI COUTURE works with a lot of different color diamonds -
    I have seen their green diamond hoops edged in black rhodium --
    also gorgeous by the way. Is this pendant black and white diamonds??

  2. The green diamond hoops in black rhodium are SO amazing. We love them too. This pendant is white diamonds with green set in rhodium as well. Thanks for the comment!