Monday, June 20, 2011

Las Vegas Couture!

It’s been awhile since I have blogged, forgive me but we have had so much going on! As usual, there are lots of exciting things occurring at Fragments and I am thrilled to highlight some of the most recent happenings.

We returned in early June from a very successful & energetic Couture show in Las Vegas. What a week! Stores were ready to buy and designers were proud to show their newest collections. Fragments was excited to showcase 15 designers this year including the launch of Nak Armstrong, Mizuki, Suzanne Kalan, Shaesby, Nam Cho, Annie Fensterstock, Moritz Glik, Colette, Vibe’s, Yewn, Katie Decker, Borgioni, Wendy Yue, Gabrielle Sanchez and Lena Skadegard. Each designer had something fresh to bring to the table and the response was tremendous!!

Mixed metals took a front seat this year as a trend worth highlighting. Although we’ve seen it before, it stood out as an important element for all of us to work into our jewelry wardrobes. Moritz Glik showcased his signature 18k yellow gold mixed with oxidized silver, Annie Fensterstock’s 22k yellow and blackened silver was also a big hit and there were edgy mixes of rose gold and blackened gold at Colette.

There were also major touches of color by way of bold gemstones, colored diamonds and more. Offset by subtle metals, these stones really popped and reminded the buyers that “wow factor” investment pieces are key for their selection. Luscious green turquoise, carved coral and boulder opals were standouts at Wendy Yue and the fire opal at Colette made a huge splash. Nam Cho also showcased color in an array of rubies, blue sapphires and emeralds – these shades appeared mostly in her “bullseye” collection which merchandised beautifully with her newer more diamond & moonstone focused pieces. Super luxurious in look and feel, many of Nam Cho’s new pieces are convertible – pendants turn into pins, earrings are detachable, etc. We also saw some convertible/detachable pieces at Katie Decker, giving buyers the opportunity to wear one piece multiple ways. In Katie’s collection, amethyst drops could be removed from a pair of earrings to give way to a more simple, streamlined look. She also showed pendants and charms that could be mixed and matched with different chains – a great opportunity for collectors!

We noticed the “Not Your Grandmother’s Pearls” theme in an array of designers, all of whom put their own twist on the ultra-feminine, underwater favorite. Lena Skadegard, Gabrielle Sanchez and Vibe’s were major standouts in this category but we also saw pearl touches over at Wendy Yue, Colette and Katie Decker. There was a pearl for everyone – be it super luxe and sophisticated, playful and unique, bohemian and casual or traditional and classic – you could not miss this trend!

Creatures were crawling all over this years Couture show, too! Bugs, snakes, dragonflies and more were buzzing and slithering around hoops, bangles, oversized pendants and showstopping rings. Borgioni has this look down to a science and they are a favorite of many. Vibe’s displayed a few subtle bug touches as well and Colette took them to another level in carved labradorite and diamonds. Another creature classic is Wendy Yue who almost always infuses nature inspiration into her work. These designers make creepy crawlers tres chic!

I also want to congratulate our designer, Moritz Glik, who won a Couture Award in the Diamonds Under $20,000 category. What a well-deserved win – it was such a special night for him & Fragments is SO proud!

Stay tuned…I’ll be talking about these trends and lots more all season long!