Wednesday, March 31, 2010

DAILY OBSESSION: Jamie Kole Earrings

Jamie Kole is one of our most fabulous designers here at Fragments. She is always evolving and designs the most feminine, sparkly and flattering jewelry. There are peices in her collection for every woman, and make all women feel beautiful.

I personally cannot get enough of her earrings. With so many to choose from, I can tell you that my collection is growing every day. Today's "Daily Obsession" is my absolute favorite pair. They are stunning against any complexion, any hair color and will compliment any look. Perfect for day time, these earrings transition into the night seamlessly.

Please visit our website to view Jamie Kole's collection. For more information on these particular earrings, you can call our store: 212.334.9588.



Tuesday, March 30, 2010

DAILY OBSESSION: Rodrigo Otazu Fringe Necklace

Today's "Daily Obsession" is one of the sexiest peices I have ever laid eyes on. It is all about glamour a night on the town with your gal pals and as always - making a statement. This peice tells the world that you are confident with your sense of style and never afraid to take a risk.

Rodrigo Otazu's fringe necklace is absolutely sensational. It is layers upon layers of crystal and chain fringe with an edgy leather closure. It is available here on Go on girls, dance the night away - don't forget the necklace!


Monday, March 29, 2010

DAILY OBSESSION: Lena Skadegard Pearl Necklace

Today's "Daily Obsession" is one of my all time favorites - because it is the perfect standalone and a sensational layering piece. This is Lena Skadegard's fabulous twist on pearls; something every woman should have.

They are great for everyday and will always take your look to the next level.

These are available by special order at Fragments, 212.334.9588.

To those of you celebrating Passover, I wish you and yours a very happy & healthy holiday.


Broadway Review: Come Fly Away

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Mine was lovely and I want to tell you all about a sensational experience I had at the Marquis theater on Saturday night.

My husband and I went to see "Come Fly Away" - Tony winner Twyla Tharp's new musical. The choreography was absolutely sensational and the music was beyond words. But of course - how could it not be - it featured Frank Sinatra vocals. It is amazing how music and dance can combine so effectively to develop characters, various personalities and significant story lines. What a brilliant idea to marry such sexy dance with this style music - absolutely dynamic!

This show is a must-see. A real New York City experience. A night to remember. It is theater like this that makes NYC "our kind of town."

For more information, photos, videos and of course - to purchase tickets, visit this link:
Come Fly Away

Many people ask me what kind of jewelry to wear for certain ocassions. Many times, they inquire about what to wear to theater. I feel that theater is a perfect opportunity to let your jewels do the talking. Keep your clothing simple (stylish, of course) - but nothing to over the top, so that your jewelry can really stand out. I think special statement earrings are perfect - and even a fabulous necklace. Check out Deanna Hamro jewelry at Fragments for more inspiration...

What are your favorite shows and musicals? What do you wear to theater? I would love to hear your thoughts and answer your questions!


Friday, March 26, 2010


Many people ask me what is one item (jewelry) that I simply cannot live without. They want to know that "must-have" investment peice - if they purchase one thing - what should it be. My answer, and today's "Daily Obsession": diamond hoops. Any variation - colored diamonds, black diamonds and even sapphire. They are the most stylish element of any look - and translate so seamlessly from day to night. They are timeless, chic and totally cool.

My personal favorite pair are blue sapphire from Fragments very own, Nam Cho. They are simply exquisite and available in a rainbow of beautiful colors: diamond cut yellow, orange, pink, purple and blue sapphires, rubies, tsavorites and black & white diamonds.

Available by special order, please contact our store for more information: 212.334.9588


What a perfect start to a Friday morning - check out an amazing review of Fragments on The Examiner in their "Luxury Fashion" column. Thank you, Mary Carroll Wininger - we are so thrilled you enjoyed your visit to Fragments and hope to see you again soon!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

DAILY OBSESSION: Miguel Ases Earrings

We at Fragments are so crazy about Miguel Ases jewelry, especially his earrings. Anything he touches, turns to gold. Each and every pair of his earrings are unique - there is a pair (more than one, actually) for everyone. Today's "Daily Obsession" is my personal favorite pair of Miguel Ases earrings that I cannot seem to take off. The magnificent color combination is so flattering and the beading is simply immaculate. These earrings are beautiful with layered gold chains, or even a beautiful strand of pearls. It is all about your personal style and how you feel your best wearing them.

These earrings are available by special order at our website: 866.966.4688.

What are your favorite pair of Miguel Ases earrings? How would you wear these? You can view other styles on our website: Miguel Ases at Fragments or at our store at 116 Prince St. in New York City.

Have a great day!



Wednesday, March 24, 2010

DAILY OBSESSION: Chan Luu Wrap Bracelet

Today's "Daily Obsession" is one that I think we can all agree is a total must-have. It is the ultimate for everyday cool without overdoing it but certainly making enough of a statement. It's the essential, as we call it - and a peice for every fashionista. It comes in stunning array of colors and my personal favorite is chocolate brown with mixed metal beads. Today's "Daily Obsession" is the one and only: Chan Luu wrap bracelet. Pictured below in my favorite color choice (although I think every color is fantastic) - this is a tried and true "go-to" peice for me. It is comfortable, stylish and goes with just about everything.

You can purchase this peice and many other colors on our website:
What do you think of the Chan Luu wrap bracelet? Do you already have one? What is your favorite color?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

DAILY OBSESSION: Deanna Hamro earrings

Today, I am introducing a new concept to our blog. I will be featuring a different peice of jewelry every day - something I am crazy about, that I wear, want or think you should have. Everything I feature will be available on or at our store on Prince St. in New York City. I will always include our web address or store phone number beside each peice, so you know where you can see it for yourself.

The "Daily Obsession" of today is a pair of oxidized sterling silver and Swarovski crystal earrings from DEANNA HAMRO's latest collection.

Simply to die for, these earrings go beyond chic and make quite the cool statement. Deanna is back with a line so outrageous and beautiful, we are so excited to share jewels with you.

You can preorder these earrings on our website:
Deanna Hamro at Fragments

Have a great night, everyone - and stay tuned for tomorrow's "Daily Obsession."

Friday, March 19, 2010


Hi everyone - only one day until Spring starts and we can't wait!

We are SO excited to announce that Fragments' very own, fabulous Amy Jackson will be attending BASEL! Two of our designers, Dickson Yewn & Wendy Yue, will be there showing their exquisite collections. If you or anyone you know will be there, please tell them to come visit us! Amy will return with exclusive information ...on the latest and greatest trends, and we promise - we will share it all with you. Below I have included an image of a piece from Wendy Yue's collection as well as one from Yewn's collection. Amazing - aren't they?

Our booth information is as follows:
Dickson Yewn: Hall 2-1 F86Wendy Yue: Hall 6 - Beta C33 (Hong Kong Pavillion)...
If you are press and interested in making an appointment to view the collections, please contact Danielle Gadi at
We hope to see you there. Have a fabulous weekend.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Designer Spotlight: Vanessa Montiel

Good morning, everyone!

First, I want to thank all of you for your constant love and support. We have received a great response to the blog and I am so happy about it. Please continue sending me your thoughts, ideas and questions. Remember, Fragments' fans and customers are so important to me and I want to make this an exciting experience for all of my readers.

Today, I am featuring Fragments designer Vanessa Montiel, known for her signature collection hand carved from Water Buffalo Horn. A powerful material, permeated with spiritual energy. Vanessa's collection is extremely special because she not only creates unique and beautiful jewelry, but every piece is eco-friendly. She refers to her business as "socially conscious" and a business that encourages independence for local women.

Oprah is just one of Vanessa's many celebrity fans and has been spotted wearing a pair of her earrings on several occasions, including on the cover of her magazine! I respect and admire Vanessa for the powerful message behind her brand, and I am thrilled to share her with you. Vanessa had a lot of fun answering my "20 questions," and I know you will enjoy her answers as much as I did.

1. What is your greatest indulgence?

Disappearing by boat for weeks on end into the Indian Ocean, while looking for that perfect uncrowded surf spot! Living half the year in Bali has its perks!

2. Tell me your biggest fear.

My biggest fear is having to do the same thing over and over again.

3. Your favorite red carpet moment of all time?

Ive always been one for underdog, so maybe the cast of Slumdog Millionaires hitting the rad carpet in glee.

4. Your most treasured piece of jewelry, and why?

My most treasured piece of jewelry came from a Candy machine long ago, its fun and its playful and I can take it anywhere. It makes people laugh!

5. White gold, yellow gold or mix it all up?

Definitely mix it all up!

6. Who is your favorite fictional character?

Jeannie, there is something appealing about a woman who can make anything appear or disappear at the wink of an eye. Plus, she lives in a glamorous bottle that travels through space and time.

7. Your greatest love is…

My greatest love is the ocean and Bali, the people and her culture.

8. Who is your hero?

Hmm... Amelia Earhart or Bethany Hamilton. Both are adventures pioneering women.

9. Who is your favorite jewelry designer?

Annette Ferdinandsen, her work is so sculptural, elegant and organic.

10. Who do you most admire, alive or deceased?

Absolutely hands down, my great aunt Osiris Arias. She was an incredible awe inspiring woman who gave me the courage to follow my dreams and never stop.

11. Your favorite movie?

Let's go with Black Orpheus, I have a weakness for Brazil with all of its complexities and passion.

12. Newspapers & magazines: print or online?

Most definitely print, a newspaper in the morning with a good cup of joe!

13. Your favorite ice cream flavor?

Chocolate and Cinnamon, it reminds me of my great grandmothers cooking.

14. Facebook or Twitter?

Facebook, I have yet to jump on the twitter wagon.

15. Style icon?

Audrey Hepburn, style maven of all time.

16. If you could design a piece of jewelry right now, based on your current mood and surroundings, what would it be?

Well, it would have to unfold into 100 stories. So, it would be some form of a magical container carved out of my favorite... horn, which then would contain painted stories coiled into a prayer wheel form, with loose diamonds and a little window to let the sun in!

17. Black or white?

It depends, on the season.

18. The best part of New York City is...

The diversity of artist and talent living in one small area throbbing with possibility.

19. Tell me your greatest asset and your biggest flaw.

An insatiable curiosity coupled with independence. Yet, that same thirst makes it hard to commit to anyone thing!

20. If you could have any piece from Fragments, what would it be (other than your own jewelry?)

That's a tough one, but probably Gurhan jewelry.

Here are a couple of images of Vanessa's jewelry. She has also just launched a great collection for Bergdorf Goodman 5F!

What do you think of Vanessa Montiel's jewelry and how would you wear it? I look forward to hearing from you.


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Ciner on

We are so loving the new CINER on - check it out:

Janet has included Fragments in their "Soho Guide" today and we are so excited! You can check out the full story here:

Fragments on

Tell me, have you shopped at Fragments? What are your favorite things that you've purchased from us? I would love to hear.


Designer Spotlight: Rodrigo Otazu

Hi everyone and good morning. How are you all doing today?

One of the things I want to accomplish in writing this blog, is to introduce you to all of Fragments' designers. I think it is so important for all of our fans to not only get to know me, but to understand the brains behind all of the beautiful work that we represent. These are true artists - at the very top of their craft, and it is my pleasure to share them with you.
Today, I want to introduce you to Rodrigo Otazu. He was at the showroom yesterday with such positive energy, passion for his work and telling me all about his eternal love for New York City. He was also busy styling CuCu Diamantes, a beautiful Cuban singer-songwriter and actress. CuCu was picking pieces from Rodrigo's collection to wear during Miami fashion week. We know she will look fantastic and her jewels will go hand in hand with the non-stop spirit of Miami beach. I will post pictures once they are available. Here is a photo of the designer:

Rodrigo Otazu jewelry makes women feel glamorous, inevitably sexy and unique. Sold around the world, all of Rodrigo's pieces are handmade with love. Some of our favorite celebrities have worn his jewelry, to name a few: Jessica Biel, Kelis, Lucy Liu and the stars of Gossip Girl. Here is just a sampling of his creations:

I also got to sit with Rodrigo for a few minutes while he answered a few of my favorite questions. He had so much fun with these and I am excited to share them with you:

What is your greatest indulgence? Watching a movie in bed with low calorie frozen yogurt
Tell me your greatest fear. I face my fears every single day, and I grow stronger and smarter as a result.
Your favorite red carpet moment of all time? When Jennifer Lopez wore the one shoulder mint green goddess dress by Valentino to the 2003 Oscars
Your most treasured piece of jewelry? I have a pink watch I am crazy about, but then again, I love my Kaballah bracelet - it protects me and gives me wings to my soul.
White gold, yellow gold or mix it all up? I love PINK gold!
Your greatest love mother.
And your hero? Also my mother.
Who is your favorite jewelry designer? Someone called Cartier...
Newspapers & magazines: print or online? Online!
Your favorite ice cream flavor? Tutti Fruti!
Facebook or Twitter? I do Twitter because it is connected to Facebook. So really - both!
Style Icon? Grace Kelly
Black or White? Black for winter and lots of white for summer
The best part of New York City is...I don't know where to start. I am in LOVE with New York. The people, the food, the shopping, the theater, the streets - the ENERGY.
If you could have any piece from Fragments, what would it be? A piece of Janet's heart.

Don't you just love Rodrigo's energy and sense of humor? And how about his jewelry? Let me know what you think and how you would wear it.

Have a great day!


Monday, March 15, 2010

InStyle Magazine: This Month

Hello everyone and Happy Monday :)

What did you all do this weekend? The rain was crazy here in New York - but I would love to hear what you did to stay sparkly and happy.

My weekend was wonderful. I spent a bit of time flipping through this month's InStyle and I have a couple of things that I am so excited to share with you. First of all, Fragments designer Yewn is included on pg. 250 in a stunning "Shop It: Fine Jewelry" story. The 18k white gold and diamond flower ring is absolutely beautiful. Here is an excerpt from the page, please let me know what you think:

Also in this month's issue of InStyle was a FABULOUS piece on stylist Rachel Zoe's jewelry box. Marion Fasel, the brilliant accessory guru, brings Rachel to life in this issue and I could honestly read the interview over and over again. Actually, I did...

The images are colorful and compliment Rachel's effervescent personality. The way she speaks of jewelry reminds me so much of myself. With a collection of at least 1,000 costume pieces, Rachel says she wears around 12 per day. Bravo, Rachel - the more, the better.

I so admire her appreciation for jewelry, her keen eye for style and her incredibly open mind about mixing and matching.

I highly recommend picking up this month's issue of InStyle - Rachel's interview is on pages 138 to 140. Have fun reading it and come back to me with your thoughts. I am always interested in you!


PS - Stay tuned for more later today.

Friday, March 12, 2010


I couldn't think of anything better than to add a little sparkle and shine to your life on this rainy weekend, and as a result - I want to offer you 10% on anything at Fragments Saturday & Sunday (3/13/10 & 3/14/10) - in store only.

We are located at 116 Prince Street, between Greene & Wooster in Manhattan. We are open from 11am to 7pm on Saturday and from 12pm to 6pm on Sunday!
All you have to do is mention our blog, Facebook or Twitter pages and you will receive the discount on anything that you purchase on either day.

Everyone deserves a bit of sunshine on the rainiest of days - and what's more fun that piling on the jewels?

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!

All my love,

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Designer Spotlight: Moritz Glik

Hello everyone! Hope you are all getting ready for Spring, I'm definitely feeling it and super excited.

So, I wanted to continue where I left off yesterday when I told you if I were attending the Oscars, I would be decked out in Moritz Glik jewelry. Moritz creates some of the most exquisite fine jewelry in the world and makes any woman feel glamorous, tres chic and unique.

I will include some images at the end of this post, but you can also view pieces from his collection on our website, Moritz Glick at Fragments. Last week, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Moritz and asked him the same questions that I was asked just a few weeks ago. We had so much fun together and I am thrilled to share his answers with you.

What is your greatest indulgence? chocolate

Tell me your biggest fear. fire

Your most treasured piece of jewelry, and why? My fathers ring that I wear all the time

White gold, yellow gold or mix it all up? Mix it all up

Who is your favorite fictional character? Sherlock holmes

Your greatest love is…my boyfriend

Who is your hero? gandhi

Who is your favorite jewelry designer? Sevan Bicakci

Who do you most admire, alive or deceased? My parents

Your favorite movie? Moulin Rouge

Newspapers & magazines: print or online? Print

Your favorite ice cream flavor? Vanilla swiss almond

Facebook or Twitter? Facebook

Style icon? David Bowie

If you could design a piece of jewelry right now, based on your current mood and surroundings, what would it be? It would be a ring with lots of rose cut diamonds

Black or white? I like them together

The best part of New York City is...the mix of cultures

Tell me your greatest asset and your biggest flaw. Hardworker/workaholic

If you could have any piece from Fragments, what would it be? Office space

Well, Moritz - we love you too and would love to have you here any day. As promised, here are some images of Moritz Glik jewelry - breathtaking, isn't it?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Hi Everyone! I hope you're having a fabulous day...

One of my favorite things is award shows - I love watching the immaculate fashion, the stunning accessories and the beautiful stars coming down the red carpet. It is so much fun to honor our world's greatest talent and I LOVE talking about it afterwards...

...which brings me to my own little Oscar 2010 fashion round up....

I am head over heels for Sandra Bullock's Marchesa gown. She was just a vision and wore that dress with confidence and a beautiful glow.

Kate Winslet was gorgeous in Yves St Laurent - sexy and glamorous - and who could forget that outrageous custom Tiffany & Co. yellow diamond necklace around her neck?

I also thought that Demi Moore, in Atelier Versace, and Jennifer Lopez, in Armani Prive, were absolutely breathtaking. JLo's dress was like a piece of modern art, and Demi's color choice was spectactular. How fabulous is this photo of them together!

Then there was Maggie Gyllenhaal who took a bit of a risk with a serious splash of color. Dries Van Noten creats simply outrageous peices and Maggie carried this beautifully.

And last - but certainly not least, I LOVE a bit of fashion controversy. I think that Charlize Theron looked absolutely ravishing. She made quite the statement in her lilac Christian Dior number and I can assure you that no one will forget this moment.

I thought that this year was about classic, timeless accessories and fashion as art. What do you think? I would absolutely love to hear your thoughts on this years Oscars. Who's dresses did you love? Who's jewels are you totally crazy about? If you could attend the Oscars, who's jewels would you LOVE to wear?

Looking forward to hearing from you!


PS - If I were walking the red carpet at the Oscars - I would be wearing MORITZ GLIK jewelry. But I will get into that, tomorrow - so be sure to check back!

Anton Heunis at

We are always adding new and exciting jewelry to Check out whats new from Anton Heunis, Trudelle Laker and MORE!



Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Serena Williams Wears DEANNA HAMRO

Hi Everyone!

Happy Tuesday. I hope you are all having a fabulous week so far.

We are SO excited today, because we heard that Serena Williams wore Fragments designer DEANNA HAMRO to TWO Oscar parties this weekend. Check out the pics:

The earrings which she wore to Graydon Carter's Vanity Fair party and the necklace that she wore to Elton John's party are both available for preorder on our website:
I will be back later with more! Don't hesitate to contact us with questions or comments. I would be thrilled to hear from you!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Fragments Designer, Ashley Morgan, On

Hi Everyone!

We are getting closer and closer to Spring, and I love that. Hope you are all doing well and having a good week.

One of FRAGMENTS designers, ASHLEY MORGAN, is featured today as part of's "Lust List" - and I am so thrilled to share it with you. Her diamond slice pendants are in the image below, and following is the link to the full story.

Check out the full story here:

Enjoy! I will be back later...

With Love,

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Hi Everyone!

I hope you are all having a great Tuesday. The weather in Manhattan is BEAUTIFUL and we are loving it.

Two of our designers, Suzanne Kalan and Nam Cho, were featured in the "Pulse" section of Sunday's New York Post as part of a story about non-traditional wedding bands. Here is a link to the story (click on "related stories" on the left hand side of the page to see it in full.) I've also included the image below - courtesy of the New York Post.

Suzanne Kalan's ring is second from the top, and Nam Cho's is the last (but CERTAINLY not least) on the bottom. I hope you enjoy this as much as we do!


Monday, March 1, 2010

20 Questions...Well, 18.

Hello, again! Did your Monday fly by as fast as mine did? It’s always an exciting day here at Fragments...

I was given a list of questions to answer so my readers & Fragments' fans could get to know me. It’s a bit about what I love, who I am and what I cherish. I had FUN with these questions and welcome your feedback!

1. What is your greatest indulgence? Jewelry – I can’t stop.
2. Your favorite red carpet moment of all time? Nicole Kidman. 1997. Back in the day when she was Mrs. Tom Cruise. Yellow Christian Dior gown. Red Lipstick. Chandelier earrings. She stole the show!

3. Your most reassured piece of jewelry, and why? My butterfly ring from Van Cleef & Arpel; it reminds me of my mother.
4. White gold, yellow gold or mix it all up? 24k yellow gold mostly, with occasional mix.
5. Who is your favorite fictional character? Stephanie Plum, the bounty hunter in Janet Evanovich’s novels.
6. Your greatest love is…my husband
7. Who is your hero? My husband.
8. Who is your favorite jewelry designer? The only one we can compete with is Van Cleef And Arpels.
9. Who do you most admire, alive or deceased? My husband.
10. Your favorite movie? An Affair To Remember
11. Your favorite ice cream flavor? I don’t really have a favorite ice cream flavor. But I LOVE milk chocolate Hershey kisses.
12. Facebook or Twitter? Both. Especially Fragments’ pages.
13. Style Icon. Lady Gaga & Karl Lagerfeld

14. If you could design a piece of jewelry right now, based on your current mood and surroundings, what would it be? Oxidized silver, diamonds and 24k yellow gold slinky, long tassel earrings.
15. Black or white? Black. Definitely black. New York City black.
16. The best part of New York City is…the energy of Soho, and Fragments, of course!
17. Tell me your greatest asset and your biggest flaw. My passion for life is my greatest asset. My biggest flaw is…indulgence.
18. If you could have any piece from Fragments TODAY, what would it be? A Borgioni beaded bracelet with a yellow gold and diamond Buddha.

Stay tuned for more of these questions - I will be asking many of Fragments' fabulous designers the same questions in our EXCLUSIVE interviews!! I would LOVE to hear some of your answers, too. Send them over and I will post them!



Hi everyone, and Happy Monday! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend.

I have some very exciting news to share with all of you!

FRAGMENTS is giving away a stunning pair of earrings (pictured below) from one of our favorite designers, Miguel Ases, to one lucky FACEBOOK fan! Once you become a fan of FRAGMENTS, you are automatically entered in the contest and we will randomly choose the winner.

Here is the catch: we will not choose the winner until we have 1,000 fans – so hurry up, and become our fan on Facebook right here:

Good luck, everyone! I will be back later, so be sure to check back...

With love,