Tuesday, March 23, 2010

DAILY OBSESSION: Deanna Hamro earrings

Today, I am introducing a new concept to our blog. I will be featuring a different peice of jewelry every day - something I am crazy about, that I wear, want or think you should have. Everything I feature will be available on Fragments.com or at our store on Prince St. in New York City. I will always include our web address or store phone number beside each peice, so you know where you can see it for yourself.

The "Daily Obsession" of today is a pair of oxidized sterling silver and Swarovski crystal earrings from DEANNA HAMRO's latest collection.

Simply to die for, these earrings go beyond chic and make quite the cool statement. Deanna is back with a line so outrageous and beautiful, we are so excited to share jewels with you.

You can preorder these earrings on our website:
Deanna Hamro at Fragments

Have a great night, everyone - and stay tuned for tomorrow's "Daily Obsession."

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