Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Hi Everyone! How are you all doing? I am going to jump right into it today, because I am so excited to share with you one of Fragments' newest designers, Susan Hanover. There are not enough words to describe how fun, chic and cool Susan's jewelry is. It's fresh, it's exciting and we should all own one or two pieces from her. We're especially in love with her bold cuffs, use of color and chunky mixed metal chains, often intertwined with crystals. I had a chance to ask her my favorite list of questions and we are loving her answers. And don't forget when you're done reading, to check out her jewelry right here on Fragments.com; I promise, you will LOVE what you find.

What is your greatest indulgence? Chocolate....of course!
Tell me your biggest fear. falling trees...(just got caught in a mini tornado)
Your favorite red carpet moment of all time? any moment that has ever featured my jewelry
Your most treasured piece of jewelry, and why? my wedding band (obviously)
White gold, yellow gold or mix it all up? mix it all up
Who is your favorite fictional character? Jane Austin's Emma
Your greatest love is… my kids
Who is your hero? All the CNN hero's: just everyday people who are making a difference
Who is your favorite jewelry designer? (other than Susan Hanover): I couldn't say
Who do you most admire, alive or deceased? I am from South Africa so I will go with Nelson Mandela, but there are so many inspirational people in this world.
Your favorite movie? I still love watching "The wedding Crashers"
Newspapers & magazines: print or online? print
Your favorite ice cream flavor? anything fruity
Facebook or Twitter? facebook!
Style icon? so many ...but they have to be more my age so i would go with: Halle Berry
If you could design a piece of jewelry right now, based on your current mood and surroundings, what would it be? something very beachy with sea glass and shells (I"m in Montauk right now)
Black or white? white
The best part of New York City is...central park
Tell me your greatest asset and your biggest flaw: greatest asset would be my drive and persistence and biggest flaw : can"t tell
If you could have any piece from Fragments, what would it be? something very fine and expensive
We love Susan as much as we love her jewelry and we're so excited to have her here at Fragments. I hope you enjoyed this designer spotlight; stay tuned for many more and have a fabulous day.

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