Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Art, Jewelry & a Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello Fragments Fans and Followers,
How are you all doing? Getting into the Holiday spirit, I hope! I sure am. I am blogging from Miami, Florida with my family and lots of exciting things are going on. We're getting prepared for Art Basel, my favorite time of year where I get to indulge in the most sensational art and appreciate some of the most amazing talent that the world has to offer. The Wynwood Walls, located in Florida's art district (10 minutes of Miami,) are completed and absolutely exquisite. This is an art installation by street artists from around the world including Shepard Fairey, Kenny Scharf and other notable artists. Art is all about freedom of creative spirit, having the opportunity to see whats happening, whats new and what the future holds. This kind of exposure to the world of art allows me to grow personally, it gives me a creative edge. It allows me to have a true grasp of the avant garde, opens my mind to possibilities and inspires me to seek new talent in jewelry design. It's all about art, color, taking a risk and having fun with your creative spirit. Here are a couple of photos I've taken along the way...

And in more exciting daughter Jessica, also opened Wynwood Kitchen & Bar, a spectacular modern American Brasserie and it's all about the art (and of course, delicious food.) The bar is designed by Shepard Fairey and the dining area is filled with paintings from Berlin artist, Christian Awe. The restaurant is on the corner of Northwest 2nd avenue and 26th street, right across the street from my son Joey's modern Italian cafe, called Joey's. So, this is what's happening and what's exciting in Wynwood. Here is a great photo taken inside the restaurant.

Lastly, all of my friends and colleagues are asking me what jewelry I will be wearing on Thanksgiving! I of course love the holidays because it's just another reason to get dressed up and indulge. I am wearing a Millianna antique gold bracelet and bib necklace because the beads have a delicious warm glow to them and the chunkiness will be a reminder of my own personal Thanksgiving message "too many desserts and stuffing and I can be chunky too!" Have a happy Thanksgiving!


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