Thursday, January 20, 2011

Fragments Update!

Dear Fragments Fans,
How are you all doing? I know it's been so long since I have blogged - forgive me, we have been crazy busy! We just wrapped up at the ENK show last week and it was really successful. I saw lots of emerging trends - neon and bold colors like coral and turquoise in Miguel Ases & LK Designs. And on the opposite end, neutrals were also a big hit like in Millianna & Dana Kellin. I love watching all of the designers come out to display their newest creations and show the market what's next - it's very exciting! One of my favorite moments from the ENK show that you will also love was when I layered a Huichol beaded cuff with a Miguel Ases bracelet over it. We are so excited about this new combination - the response has been amazing and soon these bracelets will be available on so you can achieve the same look!

We're still in market and all of the stores are coming to visit to see & buy the latest in beautiful, unique fine & fashion jewelry. They're loving what they see from designers like Gem Kingdom, Wendy Brigode, Millianna, Dana Kellin, Miguel Ases, LK Designs, KALA, Shery Shabani and many more! Shades of honeysuckle are everywhere, the color of Spring 2011, and we're loving how everyone has incorporated it into their collections in different ways.
Fragments is also gearing up for CENTURION in Arizona, a fine jewelry show where two of our designers, Arman and Suzanne Kalan, will be showing their newest collections. We're having fun preparing and feel confident that this will be a very successful, exciting show. I'll be sure to fill you all in afterwards...
We have also been getting some amazing press! Recently our designers have been featured on the covers of Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Inside Weddings, Self, Women's Health and inside books including Vogue Gioello, JCK Magazine, Alexa, Harper's Bazaar, MUSE, MORE magazine, W, Houston Magazine and many more. We're so proud of our talented designers and there is nothing more rewarding then seeing them featured so prominently in the press.
I will be back with more next week! Thanks for reading our blog and remember to become our fan on Facebook for daily updates!

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