Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Today's Designer Spotlight features Mary Louise Young, the designer of Mary Louise Designs. A collection so fresh, fun, and edgy, Mary Louise's jewels are layerable, chic and infinitly wearable. Her pieces are timless, yet distinct and have a romantic feel. Her jewelry is designed using sterling silver beads dipped in 22k gold and white gold, mixed with semi precious stones, cubic zirconia and fresh water pearls. There is also a lovely spiritual element to Mary Louise Designs.

I had a blast asking her my favorite twenty questions and her answers are as fun and fabulous as her jewelry. Enjoy!

1. What is your greatest indulgence?
A good, strong massage, after a long productive day.
2. Tell me your biggest fear.
Fear that my line doesn’t sell for the season! Lol.
3. Your favorite red carpet moment of all time?
Angelina Jolie’s emerald earrings at the Oscars.
4. Your most treasured piece of jewelry, and why?
My grandmother’s antique locket dated back to 1817 with my children’s baby pictures in it.
5. White gold, yellow gold or mix it all up?
Mix it up!
6. Who is your favorite fictional character?
Fanny Brice from Funny Girl, with Barbara Streisand.
7. Your greatest love is…
My two children, Genevieve and Taylor.
8. Who is your hero?
Angelina Jolie, for all the charitable work she does.
9. Who is your favorite jewelry designer? (other than yourself)
Harry Winston and Van Cleef & Arpels for their classic, ornate designs.
10. Who do you most admire, alive or deceased?
My aunt, Genevieve Abraham, who is deceased. She was an incredible role model who always gave back twice as much. Her and her husband adopted five children, they were founders of St. Jude’s hospital, and they were involved in so many different charities.
11. Your favorite movie?
Pretty Woman.
12. Newspapers & magazines: print or online?
Vogue, Bazaar, Elle, InStyle. I watch The Today Show every morning and world news every night.
13. Your favorite ice cream flavor?
Vanilla. I’m simple!
14. Facebook or Twitter?
15. Style icon?
Audrey Hepburn because of her classic all around style.
Jackie O was a good runner up.

16. If you could design a piece of jewelry right now, based on your current mood and surroundings, what would it be?
Diamonds, romantic, and simple.
17. Black or white?
18. The best part of New York City is...
The food and the shopping.
19. Tell me your greatest asset and your biggest flaw.
My greatest asset is forgiveness, and my biggest flaw is impatience.
20. If you could have any piece from Fragments, what would it be?
Dual diamond 18K hoop earrings.

Be sure to check out Mary Louise Designs on Fragments.com!

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